Mahabaleshwar - The Misty Hills

Mahabaleshwar is the most popular holiday and honeymoon destination in Maharashtra and is deservingly called the 'Queen of Sahyadris'. At 4710, Wilson Point or the sunrise point is the highest point in central India.

Mahabaleshwar is a perfect getaway and is well known for its points which offer panoramic views. There are as many as 30 viewpoints, named after notable Britishers within close range. Accessibility of these points is largely by foot.

Venna Lake is another major tourist attraction in Mahabaleshwar about 3 Kms from Yellow House. You may also visit Panchgani and Tapola which are about 15 Kms and 30 Kms respectively from Yellow House - Mahabaleshwar.

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What to See Around Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar has many 'sub destinations' like gems on a crown strewn around it which in themselves are weekend destinations.

The twin of Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is just half an hour away from Mahabaleshwar. Tapola - 'Mini Kashmir' is located at almost the same distance on the other side of the hill. Pratapgad and the Ambenali waterfalls is located towards Poladpur from Mahabaleshwar.

On the way from Pune to Yellow House Wai is a small hamlet known for its temples. Wai is the place referred to as Charanpur in the hit Shah Rukh flick 'Swades'. Menavali ghat is the most popular sightseeing destination in Wai apart from the Dhom dam.

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Old Mahabaleshawar Circuit

Old Mahabaleshwar circuit includes the Panchganga Temple, Aurthur's seat, Window Point, Tiger Spring, Echo Point, Hunting Point, Castle Rock, Monkey Point, and Elphnistone point. To reach Old Mahabaleshwar from Yellow House one needs to take a right from the main road before reaching Venna lake.


Built in 1656 by Shivaji, Pratapgad fort was a strategic fort which was commissioned to defend the banks of the Nira and the Koyna rivers, and the Par pass. Pratapgad is famous for the battle between Shivaji and the mighty Afzal Khan in which Afzal Khan was slayed by Shivaji who used a Tiger claw.

Mini Kashmir

Famously called the mini Kashmir of the west Tapola is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake - Shivsagar. A 90 km long water body Shivsagar lake is in fact the backwaters of the Koyna dam near Kolhapur! Tapola is a great sightseeing option near Mahabaleshwar 25 kms down the hill on the way to Kas Pathar.

Tapola near Mahabaleshwar
Tapola near Mahabaleshwar
Tapola near Mahabaleshwar